✍️ "Justificatif" for employer reimbursement +=FLEX

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Justificatif for employer reimbursement +=FLEX

The +=FLEX subscription offers unmatched flexibility and is 50% covered by the employer. A purchase receipt is automatically sent at the beginning of the month to users, containing the total +=FLEX expenses of the previous month. Although this receipt does not contain travel details, it has the same value as a purchase receipt for a traditional subscription.

We are delighted that you are using the +=FLEX subscription, which offers unmatched flexibility! 

As with other subscriptions, 50% of the total amount of the +=FLEX subscription is covered by your employer.

To this end, you will automatically receive, at the beginning of each month, a "Justificatif d'Achat Abonnement +=FLEX" which contains the total of your +=FLEX expenses from the previous month (see example below). This document has been designed to meet all legal requirements, explicitly stating that it is a subscription.

To ensure receipt of this justificatif, please make sure your email address is correctly registered in your FAIRTIQ application, with no typos or errors.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

📧 When is the +=FLEX subscription purchase receipt sent? Who receives it?

The +=FLEX subscription purchase receipt is automatically sent at the beginning of the following month (1st or 2nd day) to all people who used +=FLEX during the previous month. Only those who have registered a valid email address on their FAIRTIQ account will receive it.

🧑‍⚖️ My employer refuses the +=FLEX subscription purchase receipt.

Your employer is misinformed: the +=FLEX subscription purchase receipt is a confirmation of a subscription purchase that has the same value as the purchase receipt for a traditional subscription. Although this novelty may require adaptation on the part of your employer, it is important to note that it also presents a considerable advantage for him: he only reimburses the trips you have actually made. The purchase of subscriptions "just in case," solely to benefit from employer reimbursement, is now a thing of the past!
Note: the justificatif cannot be modified or individualized! All employers receive the same one.

📍 The justificatif does not contain the details of my trips (origin - destination).

That's correct, the +=FLEX subscription differs from traditional subscriptions: all trips, regardless of their origin and destination, are taken into account in the subscription calculation. Therefore, the justificatif does not include a list of trips.

🚆 My employer wants to check my trips to ensure they are indeed my business trips.

You can always check your history on the FAIRTIQ app (menu > history). You also received your FAIRTIQ invoices by email (PDF) during the month. This gives you 2 options to justify your trips to your employer.

🧾 The +=FLEX justificatif contains all my trips and does not differentiate between "Personal" and "Professional" payment profiles

Indeed, it was decided this way because traditional subscriptions are also usable for personal trips.

😿 I did not receive a +=FLEX subscription purchase receipt.
  1. Are you 27 years or older?
    For now, no purchase receipt is sent to people aged 26 and under. The reason is that the +=0 offer provides free transport.
  2. Have you added your email address to your FAIRTIQ app? Is it correct?
    To check, open your FAIRTIQ app > menu > settings > account > add/modify your email address. If you made a typo when adding your email, the justificatif was sent to the wrong email address.
  3. Did you make any FAIRTIQ trips last month?
    If no trips were made, no justificatif is sent.
  4. The justificatif was sent!
    If you answered yes to these three questions, you should have received the justificatif. Have you checked your spam folder?
😾 Could you resend this document?

Normally no, as the documents are generated once then deleted. However, you can contact us via your FAIRTIQ app and we will see what we can do.

📄 Example of a +=FLEX subscription purchase receipt

Example of a purchase receipt for a +=FLEX subscription in September, showing the total price to be paid, as well as the amount of your balance.