Update to the GTC / Privacy Notice May 2023

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Update to the GTC / Privacy Notice May 2023

On May 1st, 2023 all FAIRTIQ users* have been informed by e-mail about the Privacy Notice and General Terms and Conditions update, coming into effect on May 3rd, 2023.

*It is possible that you didn't see this e-mail. Possible reasons are: 

  • You did not add an e-mail address to the FAIRTIQ app. Please add one to make sure that you will receive future updates.
  • The e-mail went into your spam folder.

For your comfort, we have reported the content of the e-mail below:

Hello 👋

We just want to pre-inform you about the upcoming changes to our GTC and privacy notice that are set to effect on 3.5.2023. 

When you open the FAIRTIQ app for the first time on or after 3.5.2023, a prompt will appear in the app asking you to agree to the updated GTC. You will have to give your consent in the app once. Otherwise, you will not be able to start your FAIRTIQ journey after 3.05.2023.

The main GTC updates 

  • In the GTC, the section about the processing of personal data has been shortened. All information can be found uniformly in the privacy notice. 

Main changes in the privacy notice in a nutshell

  • Our updated privacy notice includes privacy icons to create additional transparency so that you know how your data is processed by FAIRTIQ.
  • The retention period for the general information about the customer and the fellow passengers has been shortened to 24 months. As before, journeys are anonymised after the end of the customer care period.
  • Some stations in the German North Rhine-Westphalia with difficult location possibilities are equipped with Bluetooth beacons. The app collects the signals from the beacons to allow the location and check in/out at these stations.
  • As a side effect of the app’s success, we had to start automating our fraud prevention and detection processes. The algorithms in use include automatic decision-making and profiling mechanisms.
  • We are planning to provide data for scientific research purposes (academia). In such cases, we’ll ensure it’s not possible to link the data with individual users.
Learn more about our privacy notice

If you have any questions or doubts about this topic, please contact us directly at app.privacy@fairtiq.com.


Happy traveling and all the best,

Your Legal & Privacy Team at FAIRTIQ