Where can FAIRTIQ be used?

FAIRTIQ can be used within one of the following tariff communities:

  • Tariff community Passepartout (Lucerne),
  • Tariff community Frimobil (Fribourg),
  • Tariff community Engadin Mobil (Oberengadin).
  • Tariff community Libero (Bern - Solothurn - Biel/Bienne).
  • Network of STI (in and around Thun)
  • Tariff community Zug (canton of Zug)
  • Tariff community Ostwind (Appenzell, St. Gallen, Glarus & Thurgau)
  • Tariff community LIEmobil (Lichtenstein)
  • Rail network of the of Rhaetian Railways (RhB)
  • AUTO AG URI (AAGU) in the canton Uri
  • A-Welle in and around Aarau - Olten - Baden

You cannot use FAIRTIQ in the following cases:

  • Journeys across different tariff communities
  • Boat trips on the Lake of Lucerne
  • Boat trips on the Lake of Biel
  • Boat trips on the Lake of Zug
  • Boat trips on the Lake of Constance
  • Boat trips on the Lake of Zurich
  • Boat trips on the Walensee
  • Journeys with Gurtenbahn (Bern)
  • Journeys with Marzilibahn (Bern)
  • Journeys with Mattelift (Bern)
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