Tickets for additional passengers, dogs or bikes

For now, it is not possible to acquire multiple tickets on FAIRTIQ. The FAIRTIQ app is only valid for the main passenger. 

  • We are working hard every day to improve FAIRTIQ and to add new features. We are aware that our clients would like to use FAIRTIQ to buy tickets for their family, friends, dogs or bikes. 
  • We would like to offer this feature, it is, however, a big change in our app and our system that requires careful thinking and coding.
  • As of today, we cannot promise the release of this feature, nor give you a specific timeline.

Thanks for your understanding. 


If you are in Switzerland, here are some tips : 

For your children/grandchildren

If your child/grandchild is under 16, you can get a Junior Travelcard or a Children's Co-Travelcard. With one of this card, which costs CHF 30.00 per year, your child/grandchild will be able to travel free of charge, when they are accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket (including FAIRTIQ). 

More information about the Junior Travelcard and Children's Co-Travelcard.

For your dog

There are a few options to purchase a pass for your dog. You will find more information on this link.

For your bike

You can get a year pass or a day pass to travel with your bike. Day Pass and Year Pass exist. More information about the travel with bikes on this link.

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