FAIRTIQ does not close my journey (the wheel keeps turning continuously)

The reason why FAIRTIQ is not able to close your journey can be

  • The app does not have access to internet, thus cannot communicate with the servers.
  • The app does not have access to your location data, thus cannot locate you.

--> This behaviour often happens when you quit the app before seeing the price displayed.


If you cannot check-out, we recommend you to try the following procedure:

  1. check if the GPS data is accurate on Maps/Google Maps
  2. check if your internet data are working on Safari/Chrome
  3. completely close FAIRTIQ
  4. Open the app again.
  5. Do not leave the app shut. If it still does not work, just let it run in the background. 


If the journey has not been correctly priced, please contact our customer support via the app.

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