What happens if for technical reasons I’m unable to check-in before I start my journey?

If you are unable to check-in using FAIRTIQ app before starting you journey, you need to purchase a valid ticket using e.g. a ticket vending machine.

Please note that if FAIRTIQ has not been activated before the departure, you DO NOT OWN a valid ticket.


If you cannot check-in, we recommend you to try the following procedure:

  1. check if the GPS data is accurate on Maps/Google Maps
  2. check if your internet data are working on Safari/Chrome
  3. completely close FAIRTIQ
  4. Open the app and try again.  

Please note:

  • You might have been automatically connected to a public WIFI that requires authentification (e.g. SBB-FREE, PostAuto). The fastest workaround is to deactivate WIFI.
  • The GPS data might be weak in underground stations (for example Zurich Airport). In this case, we recommend you to check-in before entering the station.
  • You might have a VPN client active (e.g. "My Data Manager") which prevents you from using FAIRTIQ. Please make sure that your VPN client allows FAIRTIQ or otherwise deactivate it.
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