How does the check-out reminder work?

In order to warn you not to forget the check-out at the end of the journey, FAIRTIQ uses different sensors built in modern smartphones. After leaving the vehicles, the app notices that you are walking and sends you a reminder to check-out if you have not done so.

Note: we are currently not able to guarantee that the check-out warning is working correctly. The check-out warning is to be seen as helpful service by the app for you not to forget to check-out. We are continuously working to improve this prediction, nevertheless it remains your responsibility to check-out at the end of your journey.

iPhone (iOS):

On iOS, to activate the reminders, please follow the following procedures.

To get "motion and fitness":

  1. Open the settings of your iPhone
  2. Open "Privacy"
  3. Open "motion and fitness"
  4. Turn on "fitness tracking" and give access to FAIRTIQ.

Then, check that all necessary authorizations have been given to FAIRTIQ.

  1. Open the settings of your iPhone
  2. Open "FAIRTIQ"
  3. All lines should be green and activated


On Android, to receive the reminders, please make sure that:

  • FAIRTIQ can send push notification on your smartphone.
  • The motion and fitness data are correctly activated on your smartphone.

If this is the case, you should receive the check-out warnings.

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