Why am I not receiving any check-out reminders?

The check-out reminders are linked to motion data.

The notifications are sent when footsteps are detected. The reliability of check-out warnings is very high over all the different devices. However there are some constellations where the warning will not be triggered. We are continuously working on improving these. On a few devices check-out warnings are technically not possible. We are currently aware of the following devices: iPhone 4S, HTC One M8.

To activate the reminders, please follow the following procedures (iPhone).

To get "motion and fitness":

  1. Open the settings of your iPhone
  2. Open "Privacy"
  3. Open "motion and fitness"
  4. Turn on "fitness tracking" and give access to FAIRTIQ.

Then, check that all necessary authorizations have been given to FAIRTIQ.

  1. Open the settings of your iPhone
  2. Open "FAIRTIQ" All lines should be green and activated

Android users, please make sure that FAIRTIQ can send you push notifications.

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