Does FAIRTIQ support day passes and city tickets?

Yes, FAIRTIQ bills a day pass or a city ticket if it happens to be the cheapest solution.

FAIRTIQ automatically optimizes the price of your journeys according to the regulations.

For example, if you are travelling within a tariff community: If the total of your individual trips is higher than the price of the day pass, FAIRTIQ will bill the day pass. If you make two trips within 90 minutes in the same zone, you normally buy two short distance tickets (2 x 2.00) or single tickets (2 x 2.80). However, it is cheaper if you buy a 3-zone ticket for 3.60, as this is valid for 90 minutes (price example from the tariff community Libero).

FAIRTIQ bills the best price automatically. FAIRTIQ does this automatically thanks to the best price function, without you having to think about which is the right ticket for your trips. After each trip we check whether there is a cheaper ticket combination and the price of your trip will be adjusted accordingly.

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