What is the FAIRTIQ bonus and how does it work?

By travelling with FAIRTIQ at least 5 days during a calendar month, you get a credit (on the 2nd day of the following month) corresponding to 5% of the price of the tickets used for journeys inside one of the participating communities:

  • A-Welle
  • AUTO AG Uri
  • Frimobil
  • Libero
  • LIEmobil
  • Mobilis
  • Onde Verte
  • Ostwind
  • Passepartout
  • Stadtbus Chur
  • STI
  • TV Zug
  • Verkehrsverbund Vorarlberg (AUT)
  • Halle (Saale) (GER)

This credit is valid one month and is automatically deducted from your next invoice. The trips must be done within the limits of the respective tariff community or network. The sales generated by cross-community trips are not counted.

The bonus generally appears on the second day of each month.


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