Why does the location mode need to be set to high accuracy?

To determine your journey, FAIRTIQ needs to determine your location in the best possible way using all the phone's capabilities. Some android devices give the possibility to change the accuracy mode, but only the "high accuracy" mode is compatible with FAIRTIQ's requirements. Any other mode will prevent you to start a new journey. If a journey is ongoing while changing this setting, the app will stop the journey within the next 60 seconds.

To change this setting:

  • go to: Settings → Security & location → Privacy → Location → Mode
  • change to "High accuracy"

Please note:

  • On HUAWEI phones, please open "settings" --> "Security & Privacy" --> "Location services" and make sure that "high accuracy" is selected.
  • On SAMSUNG devices, please open "settings" --> "Connections" and make sure that the most precise location service has been activated.
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