What do I need to do if I want to travel in between two regions supported by FAIRTIQ?

FAIRTIQ is constantly expanding internationally. As a result, sometimes several FAIRTIQ regions overlap and it is possible to travel in different regions from the same station. 

For example, from Basel SBB you can travel in Switzerland but also towards Germany with FAIRTIQ.

Here is an overview of all overlapping regions:

  • Switzerland and Vorarlberg (VVV)
  • Switzerland and Regio Verkehrsverbund Lörrach (RVL)

Checking in in the right region is important to have a valid ticket and be charged in the right currency (CHF or EUR).

To avoid traveling in the wrong region, check that the region appearing under the check-in station is the right one. If needed, press the “change” button to select the right region and the right check-in station. 


If you wish to travel from one region to another, 

  1. check-out at a border station which is located in both regions and 
  2. check in again, making sure that you have switched to the new region. 
  3. Please note that in the following regions, several tickets are valid: In Liechtenstein, both VVV and Swiss tickets are valid


When travelling in overlapping regions, please make sure that:

  1. You have activated the data connection of your smartphone for check-in/check-out. Note that roaming costs may apply when using FAIRTIQ in regions outside of your mobile data contract.
  2. The FAIRTIQ perimeter of validity covers the entire journey: What happens if I leave the perimeter of validity of FAIRTIQ?
  3. A valid means of payment is entered for each region that is travelled. For further information, please read What requirements must be met to use FAIRTIQ?
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