What do I need to do if I want to travel in between two regions supported by FAIRTIQ?

With FAIRTIQ it is (partially) possible to travel in adjoining regions which are supported by FAIRTIQ.

The following connections are possible:

  • From Switzerland to Vorarlberg
  • From Vorarlberg to Switzerland

What needs to be done?

You will need to change the region before crossing the border. It means that you need to check-out, change region and then check-in again 

Where is that necessary?

  • Traveling by train
    • St. Margrethen (CH)
    • Buchs SG (CH)
  • Traveling by bus:
    • Feldkirch (AT)
    • Diepoldsau (CH)
    • Widnau (CH)

How? How to change the travel region on the FAIRTIQ app?

Additional points need to be checked for travels in adjoining regions:

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