Change FAIRTIQ region

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FAIRTIQ automatically detects the region where you are and will ensure to sell the right ticket.

Overlapping areas

If you are standing at a station available in multiple regions (overlapping areas), it might be possible that you have to select or change the region you want to travel in manually. 

Currently, overlapping areas exist between Switzerland (Eastern Switzerland) and Austria (Vorarlberg), between Switzerland (Basel area) and Germany (Lörrach) as well as between Occitania (French region) and Nouvelle-Aquitaine (French region).


How to manually select a region

  • Before activating FAIRTIQ, please click on "Travel within..." at the top of the main page of the FAIRTIQ app.
  • Only at certain selected stops, you will be able to select from different regions (overlapping areas).
  • Chose the right region.
  • Click on "<" (back).
  • Further, go to menu > payments and make sure that you registered a valid payment method for every region.
  • Start your FAIRTIQ trip, in the right region.

Why is this required?

  • It ensures that you have a valid ticket to present to the inspector. 
  • It guarantees the right billing in CHF or EUR.

Overlapping1-EN.png.     Overlapping2-EN.png