Which discounts are supported in Linz and how do I activate them?

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Discounts based on age:

  • Youth from 15 to 21 years.
  • Children below 15 years. 

Those discounts are computed based on the date of birth. 
The age needs to be confirmed by an ID.

The following discounts can be added in the app as a "card":

  • Senior citizen with "ÖBB-Vorteilscard Senior"
  • Holder of an "Aktivpass" of the city of Linz
  • Handicaped people with an Austrian "Behindertenausweis des Sozialministeriumservice"
    • with a handicap of at least 70% or
    • with the remark: „Der/Die Inhaber/in des Passes kann die Fahrpreisermäßigung nach dem Bundesbehindertengesetz in Anspruch nehmen“

How to activate a discount?

  • Tapping your name on the app home screen opens the ticket settings menu where you can add the available discounts.  
  • Alternatively you can find the ticket settings by opening the settings from the app menu.