Difference between FAIRTIQ and other automated ticketing apps (CH)

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In Switzerland, FAIRTIQ's technology has been integrated into other apps, such as SBB EasyRide, BLS Mobile, or ZVV Ticket App. Let us guide you through the similarities and differences.

What is the same

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­  Area of validity within Switzerland
          All the apps can be used in the area of validity of the GA.

πŸ“  Journey detection & price
          The same systems are used for all apps


What are the benefits of using FAIRTIQ?

🀫  Get new features first, such as...
          Tickets for companions
          Smart Stop
          Payment profiles "Personal" and "Work"

🌍  The FAIRTIQ app also allows you to travel in other countries

πŸ’ͺ  Greater experience for better reliability
          The FAIRTIQ app is built by the team who created the original technology.

πŸ’°  The FAIRTIQ bonus

🫢  Because we, the FAIRTIQ team, care deeply about you !
          We work hard, daily, to give you the best experience.
          Our customer service guarantees that your problem is resolved quickly.
          We love our customers and hate charging too much!

We would very much like to serve you via the FAIRTIQ app. If, however, another app is more adapted to your needs, you have plenty of options.