Which tickets can be purchased via FAIRTIQ?

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The range of tickets available in FAIRTIQ includes RVL one-way tickets at a reduced price*.
The following one-way tickets can be purchased via FAIRTIQ:

  • City ticket adult
  • Single ticket adult (1st / 2nd class)
  • City ticket child
  • Single ticket child (1st / 2nd class)

*The price of a single ticket equals the price of the corresponding RVL ViererCard divided by four. 


If several single trips with FAIRTIQ on one day total more than the price of the RVL day pass, the customer will be charged a maximum of the price of the RVL day pass (SoloCard24).


Furthermore, within the city of Lörrach, with the "Ticket4Lörrach", a further reduced-price alternative for trips by bus and train can be purchased.

This is valid:

  • On weekdays (Mon-Fri) from 9 a.m. and on weekends and public holidays without time restrictions.
  • For journeys by bus and S-Bahn in the Lörrach city area including all districts.

The "Ticket4Lörrach" offers a considerable price advantage: Instead of the regular two Euro per single trip, each trip with the four-way ticket costs only one Euro. As soon as a user has completed four journeys through Lörrach with FAIRTIQ within any period of time (i.e. a total of eight Euro) and the above-mentioned conditions of spatial and temporal validity have been met, a credit of four Euro is automatically generated as a credit on the corresponding customer account in the app. This is credited to the customer's account for the next journeys.