Smart Stop

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You sometimes forget to check out while travelling with FAIRTIQ?
Don't worry – our new Smart Stop feature is here to help! 

What is Smart Stop?

Thanks to Smart Stop, the FAIRTIQ app notices when you are no longer travelling by public transport but have not ended your trip. 

If this is the case, Smart Stop sends you a message. You then have the choice of ending or continuing your trip. If you forget to end your trip, Smart Stop will do it for you after a certain time. 

This makes travelling with FAIRTIQ even safer! 🤩

How does Smart Stop work?

  1. Activate the Smart Stop feature in your FAIRTIQ app.
    To do so, go to Menu > Settings > Travel and activate Smart Stop.

  2. Start your trip and travel with FAIRTIQ as usual.

  3. As soon as we detect that you are no longer using public transport, we send you a notification.

  4. If you want to continue your trip, you can click on "continue travelling" within 5 minutes after you received the notification.

  5. Otherwise, FAIRTIQ will end the trip for you. 

When exactly is a Smart Stop triggered? 

If we end your trip, we want to be sure that you are no longer using public transport. That's why we take various factors into account – for example, the time that has passed since you got off the public transport, how much you move and how close you are to a stop. 


Does Smart Stop influence your ticket price? 

No! Smart Stop has absolutely no influence on your ticket price. 

FAIRTIQ works according to the best price principle on a daily basis. After each trip, the system automatically checks which ticket combination is best for you and adjusts the price accordingly. It doesn't matter how many times your trips are ended and restarted during the day. 

So you can be issued a day ticket despite Smart Stop. But don't forget to start the app before each trip!


What else should I know?

Smart Stop is here to assist you in case you forget to end a trip. The feature does not end it for you per default. So make sure to still manually stop your trip once you leave the vehicle. 😉