Update to the GTC/ Privacy Notice December 2023

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GTC Update - 2023

On December 14th, 2023 all FAIRTIQ users* have been informed by e-mail about the Privacy Notice and General Terms and Conditions update, coming into effect on December 20th, 2023.

*It is possible that you didn't see this e-mail. Possible reasons are: 

  • You did not add an e-mail address to the FAIRTIQ app. Please add one to make sure that you will receive future updates.
  • The e-mail went into your spam folder.

For your comfort, we have reported the content of the e-mail below:

Hello 👋

We want to notify you that an updated privacy notice and General Terms and Conditions (GTC) will become effective on December 20, 2023.

Upon opening the FAIRTIQ app on or after December 20, you'll encounter a prompt requesting your agreement to the updated GTC. You'll be required to provide consent only once. Otherwise, you will not be able to start a trip with FAIRTIQ after December 20.

 Summary of the main GTC updates

  • We will activate the payment method Paypal in Germany and Austria directly via our payment service provider Adyen. This comes with the advantage that you will be able to use PayPal in all regions it is activated without the need for re-registrating it. The consequence of this change: Payments in Germany and Austria will be handled via our German subsidiary, FAIRTIQ Deutschland. For you, this change comes with the sole advantage of increased customer friendliness and no disadvantages. See section III E for additional info.
  • When traveling with FAIRTIQ, it is essential to carry an identity document at all times to present during ticket inspections. This requirement is in line with tariff regulations and is not a recent development. We have added a sentence on it in section III G 2 to ensure you don’t forget about your duty.
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 Summary of the main privacy notice updates

  • We'll be testing AI-supported customer care to expedite response times for standard customer queries. Consequently, we've updated the automated decision-making section. Don't worry, we'll still provide in-person support for you. Details can be found in Section G.
  • Every public transport ticket purchased in Switzerland, whether through an online shop, an app, or a ticket vending machine, is priced by the central pricing engine of the Swiss Public Transport Industry, NOVA. The same pricing mechanism applies to journeys with FAIRITQ. If you register your SwissPass/SwissPassID in the app, journey data will be transferred to NOVA, including your SwissPass ID. Among other reasons, this is necessary to automatically consider your subscriptions when calculating journey prices. Refer to Section I for more information.
  • As you might have heard, the EU commission has confirmed the United States having the same data protection level as defined by GDPR. We therefore updated the section about the data processing locations and transfer mechanisms accordingly. We therefore updated section R of the privacy notice.
Learn more about our privacy notice

If you have any questions or doubts about this topic, please contact us directly at app.privacy@fairtiq.com.

Happy traveling and all the best,

Your Legal & Privacy Team at FAIRTIQ