🎟️ Tickets available: beeline fare (RVF)

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Distance Fare in RVF

You can buy tickets for adults using the FAIRTIQ app on your phone. The price is based on the distance between where you start and where you stop, which the app calculates automatically. To do this, make sure your phone's location service is turned on.

Here’s how it works:

  • Distance Fare: The fare includes a basic starting price and a cost for each kilometer traveled.
  • Fare Cap (Fahrtendeckel): Travel safely with capped prices: for a single trip, you always get the lowest price.
  • Daily cap: If you make several trips in one day, there is a maximum amount you will be charged.


There is a fare cap (Fahrtendeckel) on your single trip. This means you never pay more than what a corresponding ticket (single ticket) with a digital discount would cost.

Further details can be found on the RVF homepage.