Which tickets can be purchased via FAIRTIQ?

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The following tickets are available in FAIRTIQ:


On train:

  • Single ticket at libertiO' Jeunes fare
  • Single ticket at full fare

The price of the tickets is calculated as the crow flies and is usually a little cheaper or the same price as the tickets available on the other liO Train sales channels. 

If your journey is more expensive than the price displayed on SNCF Voyageurs (except special offers), please contact our customer service. 

On bus:

  • 1 EUR flat fare ticket for users under 27 years old
  • 2 EUR flat fare for ticket for users from 27 years old

The += deals

The Occitania region, via FAIRTIQ, is offering special discounts. Please click on the following links to learn more about these deals:

These offers will be automatically applied via your FAIRTIQ invoices according to your age bracket.