🎟️ Tickets available (VGB)

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Many tickets are available via FAIRTIQ

One-way tickets (adults/children) as well as return tickets of the VGB and Lower Saxony tariff, the Grafschaft Ticket, the Niedergrafschaft Ticket and the Obergrafschaftticket are stored in FAIRTIQ. BahnCard holders can deposit their BahnCard25 or BahnCard50 in the app and the discount will be applied to the corresponding tickets of the Lower Saxony tariff. All tickets are valid for 2nd carriage class.

  • The optimal tickets for the trips of one day are determined automatically.
  • If several single trips with FAIRTIQ on one day total more than the price of a day ticket, for example, the customer will be charged a maximum of the price of a day ticket in accordance with the fare conditions of the county tickets.