🫂 Companion mode in VVV

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Companion mode in VVV

In VVV, you receive a special discount if you travel with companions. Learn more about it in this article.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 How many passengers can I take with me in VVV?

You can purchase up to four additional tickets in the VVV with your FAIRTIQ app. So before you get on public transport, you have the option to start the journey in the app not only for you, but also for up to four other people traveling with you.

🎉 Save When You Travel Together!

Travel with two to four friends and get a 31% discount! This deal starts with your second passenger and is automatically applied to your FAIRTIQ invoice.

🚫 Limitations Outside VVV

Sorry, the special discount on companions is only available in the VVV area. To learn more about companion mode outside VVV, refer to 🫂 Tickets for companions

🛠️ Need Help with Companion Mode? 

If you’re having trouble, your feedback helps us improve! Use the app’s contact form to tell us what’s wrong, and we’ll work on fixing it.