📝 Invoicing the trips

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Understanding FAIRTIQ's Billing Process

The FAIRTIQ app invoices and charges trips later than the travel date. Let us tell you everything you need to know to avoid confusion.

Payment Timing
FAIRTIQ never charges your payment method on the day of your trip(s) to ensure the best available daily price.
Pending Invoice
Completed trips appear on your pending invoice, and no money is charged at this stage.
Invoice Settlement
The pending invoice is settled later, either when it reaches a certain amount or at the end of the month.
E-Mail Notifications
If you've added an email address to FAIRTIQ and activated the option (under "Menu ≡ > Settings > Receipts and Summaries"), you'll receive a copy of the invoice via email.

Easily keep track of your public transport spending by checking your emails or directly in the FAIRTIQ app.

  1. Go to Menu "≡" > History to find an overview of all your trips, payments, and credits.
  2. Click on the Payments tab to compare your FAIRTIQ account with your credit card statement.