Can I travel by boat using FAIRTIQ?

Yes, in Switzerland, FAIRTIQ is valid on the entire network of the GA travelcard (click here to see the area of validity). 

Therefore, most of the boat transports that are covered by the GA travelcard can be used with FAIRTIQ. For example:

  • Lake Zurich
  • Lake Lucern
  • Lake Geneva
  • Lake Hallwil
  • Lake Zug
  • Lake Maggiore (only Swiss part)
  • Lake Constance (only connections from and to stations in switzerland)


However, some specific mountain lines only sell tickets through their own channel. The following lines therefore cannot be used with FAIRTIQ:

  • Lake Constance (connections along German / Austrian shore)
  • Lake Maggiore (Italian part)
  • Lake Walen
  • Rhein (Rheinfelden- Schaffhausen)
  • Car ferry on Lake Lucerne
  • Lake Aegeri
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