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The Best Available Price

FAIRTIQ's best price feature automatically finds and applies the most cost-effective ticket combination for your day's travels, saving you time and money.

FAIRTIQ's best price feature is simple: upon completing your journey, FAIRTIQ evaluates all available ticket options and selects the most advantageous one for you. This could mean combining tickets or upgrading to a longer validity ticket, like one that lasts for 120 minutes or all day (day pass). FAIRTIQ's best price feature works on a daily basis! 

Note: the best price does not work across 📁 Payment profiles "Personal" and "Work"

Available, what does that mean?

This means all tickets that FAIRTIQ is allowed to sell. In some regions, FAIRTIQ is not allowed to sell certain tickets. For example:

In Switzerland - FAIRTIQ cannot sell supersaver tickets & other special offers

There might be some discounted fares on specific connections if the ticket is purchased in advance. FAIRTIQ, being a post-journey ticketing system, sells tickets after the journey is completed, which means these time-sensitive special offers might no longer be available at that point.

For example, FAIRTIQ cannot sell:

  • Supersaver tickets 
  • Event tickets
  • Multi-journey cards

More info: Tariffs not supported (CH)

Beeline regions in Germany (e.g. Karlsruhe).
As FAIRTIQ gained popularity in countries outside of Switzerland, particularly in Germany, public transport operators saw an opportunity to test new digital fare structures. These new fares are often based on the effective distance of travel ("beeline tariffs") and are more affordable for most journeys compared to traditional pricing systems. However, there might be some cases where certain journeys could be cheaper if purchased using the "old ticket structure." Unfortunately, FAIRTIQ is not permitted to sell tickets using the older pricing system.
To learn more, click on your region name in this help centre!
Occitanie: discounts are generated after the trip.

Sometimes, feedback suggests that the cost of a FAIRTIQ journey might be higher than a ticket on SNCF Connect. This can occur due to different pricing approaches: FAIRTIQ offers discounts based on your loyalty (post-paid), while SNCF connect offers discounts based on train capacity (pre-paid).

More info: FAIRTIQ or SNCF Connect in Occitanie

Checking Your Prices

In the FAIRTIQ app, you can see two prices for each trip:

  • Standard price: The normal fare for your journey.
  • Charged price: What FAIRTIQ actually charges you, based on the best ticket combo.

Example Time!

  • Journey 1: You travel for 25 minutes within the city. FAIRTIQ charges you CHF/EUR 3.10.
  • Journey 2: An hour later, you travel back. As you overpassed the duration of validity of the original ticket, FAIRTIQ charges you CHF/EUR 1.30: the price difference to the ticket which is valid longer.
  • Further journeys: If you keep on travelling and reach the price of a day pass, FAIRTIQ will cap it and won't charge you more.

(Note: this example uses fictive prices).

Just a reminder

After every journey, FAIRTIQ will automatically compare all available tickets and apply the most beneficial combination for you, whether it's a single ticket, multiple tickets, or even a day pass.

However, please note that FAIRTIQ may not be able to sell all types of tickets. For more information, click on the name of your region in this help centre.