🎟️ Tickets available (MDV)

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(Short-haul) single tickets and 24-hour tickets are on FAIRTIQ

The tickets available on FAIRTIQ include all tickets from short-haul to 24-hour tickets. The following tickets of the Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsbund (MDV) can be purchased via FAIRTIQ:

  • Short-haul single ticket
  • Single ticket
  • 24-hour ticket 1 person
  • Single ticket child
  • 24-hour ticket child

According to the tariff regulations of the Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsbund (MDV), children who have started school up to and including their 6th birthday and children who have not started school up to and including their 8th birthday can travel free of charge.

The following tickets are currently not supported

  • 4-trip tickets
  • Weekly and monthly tickets
  • Multi-person tickets
  • Extra tickets (for dogs, bicycles or bulky luggage)
  • Transition tickets (entitle the holder to use 1st class on local trains)
  • Hopperticket