Permission settings and confidentiality on iOS


Don’t worry, FAIRTIQ uses personal data exclusively for detecting your journeys and finding the right tickets. We do not sell your personal data.


What Permission settings should I enable on iOS?

This answer is exclusively for iPhone/iOS users. For Android users, please refer to this page.

  • Location preferences: Set to “always” to make sure FAIRTIQ can track your location and detect the right journey while you are using another app (so-called “background data”). 
  • Motion & Fitness: Set to On, so that FAIRTIQ can detect footsteps and remind you to check-out when you have reached your destination.
  • Notifications: Set to On, so that FAIRTIQ can send you check-out reminders as well as price summary of your journey. 
  • Background app refresh: Set to On, so that FAIRTIQ can continue tracking your location if your phone is restarted (for example if your phone ran out of battery while travelling).
  • Mobile data: Set to On, so that your mobile phone can communicate with FAIRTIQ during the journey, to guarantee a valid ticket. While travelling, FAIRTIQ typically uses 1MB of data per hour.
  • WIFI and Bluetooth: We recommend to activate these. Even if they are not connected, they will improve the accuracy of your location data.

The easiest way to make sure all these permissions are enabled is to re-install the FAIRTIQ app and authorise all accesses.


Will FAIRTIQ still work if I use location preference “While Using the App”, “Ask Next Time” or “Never”? 

No, FAIRTIQ will not work. 

With these location preferences, FAIRTIQ cannot access “background data”: your location if the app is not visible on the screen (for example if you are using another app). Therefore, FAIRTIQ is not able to make sure to detect the right journey and to guarantee a valid ticket.


So, when does FAIRTIQ access my location?

FAIRTIQ only tracks your data when the app is open or when a journey is ongoing. 

  • FAIRTIQ starts accessing your location when you open the app. 
  • FAIRTIQ stops accessing your location when the journey is finalized: 5 minutes after the price is displayed, the latest.


Yes, but my phone told me that FAIRTIQ accessed my background location x times in the last 3 days?

This is probably because you made a journey on FAIRTIQ and that the FAIRTIQ app was not visible on the screen at all times. Don’t worry, the app did not try to find out where you were on other occasions. 


What happens to my personal data?

We do not sell your personal data. At FAIRTIQ, we care a lot about data privacy and comply with all national and international standards such as the GDPR. We also are in communication with data protection agency as well as consumer protection entities.

Here is some more information about this topic:
Our promise to you on our website
An overview of our Privacy Policy
A blog article about data privacy written by our CTO.


This setting uses a lot of battery. What can I do?

We measured the battery usage of FAIRTIQ on the various phone models and operating systems. On average we noted that FAIRTIQ uses around 3% per hour. The battery empties much faster if other apps/features are used alongside FAIRTIQ.

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