🎟️ Tickets available (MVB)

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The following tickets are available via FAIRTIQ:

FAIRTIQ automatically charges the optimal ticket for your trips. FAIRTIQ sells the following tariff products in Magdeburg and marego:

  • short trip tickets,
  • single tickets,
  • connection tickets,
  • day tickets,
  • and weekly tickets*. 

The child fare is considered.

*How does the weekly ticket work in FAIRTIQ?
For all journeys within a calendar week (Monday to Sunday), only the price for the corresponding weekly ticket is charged. All journeys after this weekly cap and within the same week will be charged €0.00. The validity of the weekly ticket ends on the following Monday at 4.00 am.

Why is the weekly ticket limited to calendar weeks?
Analyses have shown that most connected journeys are made within a calendar week (Monday to Friday). Furthermore, there are currently a few technical hurdles to offering the weekly pass across calendar weeks via FAIRTIQ. For this reason, the weekly ticket is currently limited to the calendar week. We are working on being able to offer the weekly ticket even more flexibly in the future.