📁 Payment profiles "Personal" and "Work"

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Explore our payment profile feature to effortlessly manage distinct categories of payment methods within your FAIRTIQ account. Tailor your "Personal" and "Work" profiles for diverse payment needs and receive separate reports for each, including VAT details.

Our payment profile feature allows you to set up two distinct categories of payment methods on your FAIRTIQ account. We refer to each category as a payment profile and specifically, we named them "Personal" and "Work". It’s up to you to decide which payment method you want to add to which payment profile so that you can then plan your trips according to your different payment needs.

How can I create a payment profile?

By default, the payment methods you've used before are automatically assigned to the 'Personal' payment profile. If required, you can manually create a 'Work' payment profile, allowing you to register the same or a different means of payment based on your preferences.

 To create the "Work" payment profile, open your FAIRTIQ app and go to Menu > payment > work > add a payment method.

For each payment profile, you will receive a separate report, including VAT details, which you can use as an expense receipt.

What must be considered before a trip?

Before you start your trip, make sure that the correct payment profile is selected. You can see the activated payment profile directly on the start screen of your app.

 To activate a different payment profile, go to Menu > payment > current payment profile.

Once a trip has been activated, the payment profile can't be changed.

Can I move a payment method from one profile to the other?

No, moving a payment means from one payment profile to the other isn't possible at the moment. To do this, you need to delete the payment means from one profile and add it to the other.

What about FAIRTIQ's Best Price and Bonus?
  • FAIRTIQ's Best Price:
    Your travel on different payment profiles is treated separately and independently with respect to our best price calculator. In other words, our price optimiser (our algorithm for calculating the best price) treats different payment profiles as different and separate billing accounts.
  • FAIRTIQ's Bonus:
    All FAIRTIQ credits (e.g. FAIRTIQ bonus) are allocated to you as a user and are not specific to a payment profile. This means that all credits you earn on your account will be consumed on the next eligible invoice and independent of the payment profile you used for your trip.

A satisfied user celebrates his FAIRTIQ bonus. A display with both payment profiles is shown.