💰 Promo codes and vouchers

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You have received a promo code for a discount or credit? Lucky you! This article provides a step-by-step guide to entering promo codes and credits in your FAIRTIQ app.

This is how it works: 

  1. Open your FAIRTIQ app.
  2. Go to "menu > promotions".
  3. Enter the promo code at the bottom under "join new promotion".
  4. A green checkmark shows that the promo code was accepted.

Not all promotions work the same:

  • In some cases, your credit will be created immediately.
  • In some other cases, the credit will only be created when you do a trip that is eligible for this promotion.

  Additional information

  • Once your credit is created, find it under "menu > promotions" in "current credit".
  • The credit is applied during the night after the trip, directly on the invoice.
  • View the history of your credits under "show history" on the "promotions" screen.
Please be aware that credits don't change the price shown after your trip. Credits will be applied to your invoice so that you pay less, but the initial journey price remains the same.