💳 Payment error

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If the payment couldn't be processed, your account has automatically been suspended. FAIRTIQ will try to charge your means of payment again and notify you if the issue is solved. 

A payment error occurs when your bank declines our transaction. The most frequent reasons are:

  • There isn't enough balance on your card (please charge your card and add it again to FAIRTIQ).
  • Your bank refused the transaction without providing any reason (please contact your bank).
  • Fraud is suspected (please contact your bank).
  • The card is blocked (please unblock your card and add it again to FAIRTIQ).
  • The card has expired. In that case, please add your new card. Please follow these steps also if you want to deposit the same card but with a new expiry date.
  • You have reached a limit. 
  • The authorisation has expired.
  • ... Please call your bank for further help.

As a rule of thumb, re-adding your means of payment often solves the problem. For example, if the authorisation has expired, adding the payment method again will solve the issue. 

FAIRTIQ offers two Payment profiles "Personal" and "Work", when you add your means of payment, make sure it is on the correct payment profile (if there is a mismatch between the profile of your invoice and the profile of your card, the payment will fail).