🔎 FAIRTIQ in Erfurt Region (VMT): Overview

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Discover the Erfurt Region with FAIRTIQ – Simple and Uncomplicated

Welcome to FAIRTIQ's guide to using our app in the Erfurt region! This article provides an overview of the basics you need to know to get started with FAIRTIQ in Erfurt.

All you need to know about FAIRTIQ in VMT Erfurt

🗺️ Area of validity

FAIRTIQ can be used for journeys on all lines within the area of validity of the Verkehrsverbund Mittelthüringen (VMT).

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💳 Means of payment

The following means of payments are available to pay in VMT Erfurt:

  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • PayPal

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👤 Passengers

Both children and adults can use the FAIRTIQ app to buy tickets. The app automatically applies the correct fare based on the date of birth entered during registration.

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👥 Companion mode

Companion mode is available for 1 additional traveler, 1 dog, 1 bike.

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🎟️ Available Tickets

FAIRTIQ offers single trips (10% discount), single trips for children (10% discount), single trips BahnCard, children's single tickets BahnCard, VMT-Hopper-Tickets (single and return), day tickets, weekly tickets, and upgrade tickets to 1st class.

Some tickets are not available.

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Important Regulations

  1. The travel authorization is always personal (non-transferable) for the person registered in the FAIRTIQ app.
  2. photo ID must be carried for identification purposes when traveling with FAIRTIQ.
  3. The check-in must happen before boarding the means of transport. 
  4. Change-overs are permitted.

Contact and Support

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us via your FAIRTIQ app or via the form below.