What is the difference between FAIRTIQ and SBB EasyRide?

Recently, SBB has started its own product of automated ticketing, using FAIRTIQ's technology. Even so, the two products are different. Please note that

  1. In Switzerland, the area of validity of both FAIRTIQ and EasyRide is the same. Thus, you can also travel with FAIRTIQ on the SBB lines. Unlike FAIRTIQ, EasyRide is not valid in Liechtenstein.
  2. The price calculated by both apps should be the same: all the apps comply to the same regulations, which are set by the different tariff communities as well as CH-Direct, the management and coordination body between the 250 transport companies in Switzerland.


FAIRTIQ is the original automated ticketing app in Switzerland. We are a startup of around 50 people and have built the FAIRTIQ system since 2015. We collaborate with 30+ public transport companies and operate our own app "FAIRTIQ" :

  • The FAIRTIQ app is the most widely used automated ticketing app in Switzerland. In the industry, everyone knows FAIRTIQ. Thanks to this success, we can guarantee great reliability: more than 99.5% of the trips detected by FAIRTIQ are correct.
  • The FAIRTIQ app offers a bonus system: a loyalty discount when you travel in our partners' fare zones. More info on this link.
  • The FAIRTIQ app is simple. After a short registration procedure, it is super easy and quick to start a journey.
  • The FAIRTIQ app also allows you to travel abroad. We want to make travelling seamless for everyone. If you travel in Austria, Germany, you can probably use FAIRTIQ.
  • Your personal data is safe with FAIRTIQ. You will find more information on this link and this article from our blog.
  • FAIRTIQ's customer service guarantees that your problem is resolved within a few days. A team of 8 students ensures your satisfaction, in collaboration with our partners. We love our customers and hate charging too much!

SBB EasyRide

There is no need to explain who SBB is... The largest public transport company in Switzerland. Its trains are on time, which gives Switzerland an excellent reputation worldwide. EasyRide is SBB own product, supported by FAIRTIQ's technology.

  • The SBB EasyRide system is available on the SBB Mobile app and SBB Mobile preview.
  • The SBB EasyRide system uses FAIRTIQ's technology, but the product remains independent. That means, you cannot use EasyRide abroad and will not receive the FAIRTIQ bonus.
  • SBB Customer Service is at your disposal in the event of any problems with SBB EasyRide.
  • The SBB app is very complete, you will also find the train schedules.

With this in mind, there is surely an app that is adapted to your needs.

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