🛤️ Wrong trip detection

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If you are reading this, you probably experienced a wrong trip detection on FAIRTIQ, and as a consequence possibly a wrong price. It could be a wrong station of departure or arrival, or a wrong route in between. The good news is: There are solutions. Let us show you reasons for such errors and how to avoid them in the future.

Did you report your wrong trip to our customer care team?
If not, make sure to report it, so we can correct it. It also enables our technical team to study the reasons and avoid this from happening in the future.

Possible reasons & solutions:
Reason Problem Solution

No location data

The most common reason for an incorrect mapping of a trip is that FAIRTIQ doesn't get enough accurate location data. Location issues occur if the app is closed in the background or gets prevented from gathering data due to battery-saving settings. Therefore most of the issues can be solved by adapting the settings on your phone.

We have written detailed articles for location issues with Android and with iOS. This consists of two main steps:

1. Make sure FAIRTIQ has all necessary permissions (easiest done by re-installing the app and granting all permissions we ask for).

2. Make sure FAIRTIQ is exempt from battery saving measures. Certain Android phones have very strict battery saving modes, which essentially turn off location data as soon as FAIRTIQ is not visible on the screen anymore. 

Late start or early stop of the trip

Starting your trip after entering a vehicle or stopping it before leaving the vehicle can lead to a wrong mapping of the trip, as our system might not be able to detect the station where you effectively started or ended your trip.   

Make sure to start your trip before getting on public transport, and stop it after arrival. 

Keep your trip activated for too long

While our system is already quite good at detecting means of transport, stopping the app between trips can help with detecting the right trip.

We recommend to stop the trip if you stay at one place for longer than 20 to 30 minutes. The reason is connected to the "no location data" issue. Even if FAIRTIQ gets little location data along the way, it gets locations when you stop the trip, which helps the algorithm to find the right route. 

System error (including bad data)

Sometimes, there is wrong data in our system, e.g. a route which is unknown to us. This makes it difficult to detect the right trip and consequently can lead to wrong prices.

By reporting the trip to our customer care team, you help us find and fix such issues.