🫂 Tickets for companions

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FAIRTIQ has added a new function to its app that lets you easily buy a flexible and secure ticket, not just for you, but for your companion(s) too.

What is companion mode?

Companion mode in your FAIRTIQ app lets you buy tickets for yourself and for up to four companions*. Before boarding the tram, bus, train or boat, you start the journey in the app for you and your companion(s), as you would normally do. 

*Varies by region. See 'How many companions can I buy tickets for?'  

Where and how does the companion mode work?

The FAIRTIQ companion mode is brand new and is therefore not available in all FAIRTIQ regions just yet. If it is already activated in your area and you have the latest version of the app (version 6.2 or higher) installed on your smartphone, you don't have to do anything else to use it. 

Companion mode will be rolled out progressively across all FAIRTIQ regions. So, if you don't see the function in your FAIRTIQ app yet, don't worry. It's coming soon!

How do I enter companions in the app?

Before you begin your journey in the app by sliding the Start button, you first need to enter the details of the companion(s) in the app. Go to the menu, tap on 'Companions' and fill in all personal info fields – first name, last name, and date of birth – for each companion. If your companion(s) holds a pre-purchased public transport pass or card, you can also add this to their details in the app.

EN_Menu.png EN_Menu_-_Companions.png EN_Companions_-_Adding_Companion_-_Fields_complete.png


To remove entries on your companion list, swipe left on the name of the person concerned and tap 'Delete companion' at the bottom of the screen. To edit entries, simply tap on the name of the relevant user. 

EN_Menu_-_Companions_-_Deletion.png EN_Companions_-_Adding_Companion_-_Fields_complete.png


How many companions can I buy tickets for?

How many additional tickets you can buy with the FAIRTIQ app depends on the region you are traveling in. In Switzerland, Ingelheim, Karlsruhe and Vorarlberg you can buy up to four additional tickets. In all other areas of Germany, France and Austria you can currently only buy one additional ticket.

Please kindly note:

  • Your companion's ticket is subject to charge, just like yours.
  • Group fares are not yet available. The only exception is in the Vorarlberg Transport Association (VVV). In the VVV, a group discount of 31% applies once you buy at least two additional tickets. More information here.
  • You should only add a companion if they require a ticket to travel on public transport.
    • In Switzerland, children under the age of 6 do not require a public transport ticket. Therefore, you do not need to add children under the age of 6 as companions when traveling in Switzerland.
    • Junior travelcard: As you already have a valid ticket for your children/grandchildren with the Junior travelcard, we therefore ask you not to add them as companion.
    • In other regions, please refer yourself to the local regulations to understand whether a child below 6 should be added to FAIRTIQ as companion.

How do I start and stop the journey for myself and my companion(s)?

First, go to your Companions list and tap on the name(s) of the passenger(s) traveling with you. Then slide the Start button before you board. You can select from your saved entries or add new people to the list. When you reach your destination, you end the journey in the app for you and your companion(s) as you would normally do. 

EN_Check-In_-_MTP.png EN_Full-screen_Bottom_Sheet_-_CompanionsPassesSelectedSelectionScreen.png

If you forget to stop the journey in the app, the Smart Stop function automatically ends the journey for you and your companion(s). Find out more about Smart Stop here.

How are travel costs charged for companions?

The total travel costs for your and your companion's journey will be charged to the payment method that you have saved in the app. You can also choose to charge the costs to either your 'Personal' or 'Work' payment profile. However, you cannot split the costs between the two profiles; you have to choose one. You can find more information about the payment profiles here

How can I show our tickets to the ticket inspector?

To show your tickets during the journey, open your ticket in the app, as you would normally do. To show the tickets for your companion(s), simply swipe right or left.

What companion mode doesn't support (yet):

  • Group fares are not yet available. The only exception is in the Vorarlberg Transport Association (VVV). In the VVV, a group discount of 31% applies once you buy at least two additional tickets. More information here.
  • Tickets for your bike or your dog in the FAIRTIQ app.
  • Tickets in different classes for the same journey. You must check you and your companion(s) into either the 2nd or 1st class.
  • Including companions if you have already started the journey in the app. Likewise, you cannot end the journey separately. You and your companion(s) must all start and end your journey at the same time.
  • Reserving seats in the FAIRTIQ app.
  • Splitting the cost of the journey. If you are the main passenger, the cost of the journey taken by you and your companion(s) will be charged to your chosen method of payment.

Companion mode isn't working properly. What should I do?

We are constantly working to make FAIRTIQ even better. This is why we value your feedback so much. We are also constantly updating and optimising companion mode. If you notice that something isn't working properly, please let us know via the contact form in your FAIRTIQ app.