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Companion mode at FAIRTIQ

Discover FAIRTIQ's companion mode, revolutionizing your travel experience by effortlessly purchasing tickets for you and up to 4 of your friends (also dogs & bikes*) directly through your FAIRTIQ account, simplifying journeys and enhancing convenience on the go! Before boarding the tram, bus, train or boat, you start the journey in the app for you and your companion(s), as you would normally do. 

*varies by region

How it works

Befort the trip

1. Add/edit/delete your companion to your FAIRTIQ account
Add a companion Edit and delete a companion
  1. Open the FAIRTIQ app
  2. Open the menu
  3. Click on "Companions"
  4. Click on "Add"
  5. Select the type of companion (human, dog, bike)
  6. Complete the details of your companion. If your companion has a travel card (e.g. a half-fare card in Switzerland), don't forget to add it!
  7. Save

Note: only add the companion if they need a ticket. For example, in most regions, children under 6 do not require a ticket, thus, do not need to be added as companions.

2. Before starting your journey, select your companions.

Before each new trip, you have to manually select which companions are traveling with you. 

  1. Open the FAIRTIQ app
  2. On the main screen, just above the slider, click on the "companion" icon  
  3. Select the companion(s) who are traveling with you. In some regions, the number of companion is limited (see below).
  4. Swipe START to launch your FAIRTIQ trip. Your companion's ticket is subject to charge, just like yours.
  5. To make sure that your companions have correctly been added, open the ticket to check if several QR codes are available.

The companion ticket has the same travel settings as the main passenger: same starting time, same travel class, same stopping time.

During the trip

Show tickets at the inspection

To show your tickets during the journey, open your ticket in the app, as you would normally do. To show the tickets for your companion(s), simply swipe right or left.

After the trip

Price calculation & invoice

The best available Price is computed for all companions and displayed, together, as a total in the FAIRTIQ app. This journey is then added to your invoice & charged to your means of payment.

While the journey details & invoice show the companions, no price breakdown is shown (only the trip's total for all companions).


Why is companion mode not available/limited to one passenger in my region?

Some tariffs offer discounts to groups. Unfortunately, FAIRTIQ is not able to sell group tickets yet. Therefore, the number of companions might be limited in some regions.

In the Vorarlberg Transport Association (VVV), a group discount of 31% applies once you buy at least two additional tickets. More information on Tickets for companions in the tariff area VVV

Ticket for dogs and bikes

For now, tickets for dogs & bikes is available in Switzerland and Dresden (VVO), allowing up to 5 dogs and 5 bikes per trip. It is also available in Erfurt (VMT), however it is limited to 1 dog and 1 bike per trip. More regions will follow soon.

Here’s how you can use companion mode for dogs or bikes:

  1. Open your FAIRTIQ app and go to Menu > Companions.
  2. Click on Add at the top right
  3. Give your dogs a/o bikes a name. That way, ticket inspectors will know that they belong to you.
  4. Select your dogs a/o bikes on the start screen.
  5. Swipe to start your journey for you and your companions.

In Switzerland, tickets for dogs and bikes are optimized according to the daily best price principle and capped, for example, at the price of a corresponding day ticket.

Attention: Between March 21st and October 31st, you need a reservation for your bikes on InterCity (IC) trains in Switzerland. You can find more information on Carriage of bikes on the train

Companion mode isn't working properly. What should I do?
FAIRTIQ values your feedback and continuously updates the companion mode. If you notice issues, please report them via the contact form in the app.


The following video is an alternative media to the article above. It shows how the companion mode works: