📍 Solving location issues

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Sometimes, FAIRTIQ* wrongly detects your trip? Or did you receive a message that asked you to revise your location settings? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

FAIRTIQ* uses the location data from your smartphone to accurately detect your journey and provide you with the best available ticket. However, certain phone providers may implement features that temporarily suspend location data access to specific apps, typically to conserve battery life. Unfortunately, this can occasionally result in inaccurate journey detection and the sale of incorrect ticket prices.

To ensure a seamless experience with FAIRTIQ* and to receive the most accurate ticket fare, we recommend the following:

  • Do not use Power Saving Mode. 🔋
  • Do not activate the Airplane Mode. ✈️
  • Do not deactivate Location Services. 📍
  • Do not close the app before the journey was correctly billed. 💵

If you’re worried about data privacy and what happens with your data, you can check out our Privacy Policy

To ensure that you always receive the best ticket fare and enjoy a seamless experience with FAIRTIQ*, please proceed through the following links. Your cooperation greatly contributes to the effectiveness of our ticketing solution.

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*Note: are you using another check-in app such as ZVV or BLS ? Then please replace "FAIRTIQ" with the name of your app of usage.